Sound System Rentals

We offer sound systems, DJ lighting, and pianos

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  • Pianos
  • Projector 
Prices for sound systems range from $60-$250. We have several options depending on the number of people in attendance and if indoors or outdoors. 

Reserving a system a few weeks in advance is recommended. Normally there is no problem with availability. We have several systems. 

Far too often sound systems distract from special occasions. “Rent all” businesses do not specialize. Our advice comes from years of experience. With a little information about your event, we can recommend the proper system for your special day.

Battery Powered System $60

25-30 People

Use for speaking to small crowds. One Wireless speaker and microphone.

-Samson 106w


Use for playing music in small rooms. -Fender Passport -Soundcaddy

PA SYSTEM 50-100 PEOPLE $150

EV ZLX Powered 12 Inch Speakers, Yamaha Mixer, Mics


Use in small to large rooms. -EV LiveX 15 Inch Speakers, Yamaha Mixer, Mics


Medium to large rooms or venues. Perfect for wedding dances and live bands. -EV LiveX 15’s, Yamaha Mixer, LiveX 18” Sub, Stands, Mics -EV Darth Vaders, All-weather heavy duty speakers Extras -EV LiveX 18” Sub $50 -Wireless Mics $35 -Keyboard, stand, and seat $95 -Projector $90 Lighting -4Bar, Two lighting trees with four par lights on each $90 -GigBar, One light tree with moving dance lights $90 -Hurricane 1101 Fog Machine $35 (fog juice sold separately) -Wash Lights, Par56 LED $15/ea

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this include set up?

All pricing is for the equipment only, no setup or transportation is included.

Is a sound engineer available?

We are able to accomodate requests for personnel to run sound and do set-up and delivery. Quotes are given on a per-occation basis. Please call 1-800-657-4392 for a quote.

Do I need to make a reservation

Rentals are on a first-come, first-serve basis. Please schedule well in advance to ensure that there is a system available to meet your needs. Most of the time, a reservation isn't need to secure a system, but to make sure that you get the system that meets your needs in size, and cost, please make a reservation at 1-800-657-4392.

I don't see exactly what I'm looking for, is there other options?

We can customize a package for your rental needs, whether it is a long-term rental discount or a complete lighting and PA solution, give us a call and we can give you a customized quote.