Instrument Rentals

Band and Orchestra Rental Program

Our Rental Program makes it easy to get your child off on the right foot with a high quality instrument. Rental plans start as low as $20.00 per month with no long term commitment, but always include the option to purchase at any time. Give us a call at 1-800-657-4392 for more information or stop on in to get your student fitted for the perfect instrument.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is your program a Rent to Own?

All of our rental programs are a Rent-to-Own contract. Although there is no obligation to purchase at anytime. The rental fee is applied to the price of the instrument every month. Based on the starting price, the instrument becomes yours when your payments equal the total cost required.

What if my student no longer wishes to continue?

Because our program is a simple Rent-To-Own, you can return the instrument at anytime. If you are not current on payments, past due rent will still be owed.

My student wants to switch instruments. How does that work?

You may switch your child's school band or orchestra instrument anytime in the first 90 days. We apply all past payments as a credit to the new rental instrument. After 90 days, 50% of the rent is applied to new instrument, and the other 50% goes towards wear and tear and depreciation on the instrument first rented.

Is there a warranty?

If the rental is a brand new instrument, the manufacturer warrants the instrument until graduation. If it's a pre-owned Rental we guarantee the instrument for 1 year, except for abuse or negligence.

Can I do auto payments?

We accept ACH auto-withdrawls, and automatic credit card payments. Please make sure to ask about this option at the time of rental.

Do you offer lessons?

We have several teachers listed on our website CLICK HERE

What is your interest rate?

The amount of interest paid depends on the plan chosen. We offer interest free financing on any rental instrument paid in full within one year. If you are unsure if your child will continue in band, you may choose to rent month to month at an interest rate of 18% APR.