Artist Spotlight

The Vision:
Haggerty's business is dependent on the business of our local musicians. For years we have supported multiple events such as the Dahl's Emerging Artists, school events, music camps, etc. as a way to say thanks to our customers. 

Artist Spotlight is another step in this desire to give back.

The Concept:
Artist Spotlight is designed to give gigging musicians a tool to help find gigs. Our friends at Music Villa in Bozeman shared the concept with us. They created a Musician Community page on their website. Musicians throughout Montana list their locations, prices, genre and links to their web pages for prospective clients. We loved their idea, but wanted to take it a step further by adding quality recordings of the artists. This is where the idea for Haggerty's Artist Spotlight was birthed. We are laying out our page in a similar format, but providing professional recordings at no cost to post on the page. However, it is not necessary to have us record you to put your information on the site.

Haggerty's will also promote Artist Spotlight recordings to our Facebook and Twitter page to give additional exposure.

The Details:
Any gigging musician in any genre is welcome to put in an application in for this free service, from the solo performer to a multiple piece band. Applications are available our Rapid City location. The musician must provide a paragraph describing themselves, including cover song examples, genre, how many members in the group, an approximate cost of for hire, contact information, and a web address if available.

We are fortunate to have on our Rapid City staff, Ken Verheecke. In addition to his many years working as active musicians all over the Midwest, Ken has recording, photography and videography in his list of skills.

All recording times must be scheduled in advance with Marcus Lavake.

Haggerty's is not a booking service and is in no way implying we will assuring participants will get gigs. We will provide artists with access to the recording via our Musician Community page at Haggerty's may post it on our own social media as it works in our schedule.

All recordings will be posted at the discretion of Haggerty's. Music including coarse language and questionable content will not be recorded or posted. Haggerty's cannot guarantee the immediate availability of recordings. Haggerty's Artist Spotlight recordings will not be sold by Haggerty's or used to make money. Any unoriginal material must have credits posted at end of recording. It is a way for us as a store to connect with local musicians and support them in their musical endeavors.

We hope to see you on the Haggerty's Artist Spotlight soon!

Sincerely, Tom and Dan Haggerty