The Darning Hearts

Rapid City, SD

The couple "darns" traditional Appalachian music with 20's and 30's swing music and then infuses it with their unique Darning Hearts flavor.  NaTasha's voice rings perfectly with Dylan's raw, Doc Watson like vocals and heartfelt handmade songs.  

Tom Haggerty

Rapid City, SD

One of Tom's best friends is battling cancer and he recently wrote a song about it. This song is really close to Tom's heart and wanted to share it. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Steve Balsley and the Balsley family.

Bob Fahey & James Van Nuys

Rapid City, SD

These guys are incredible musicians on their own but there's something magical that happens when they play together.  Their fantastic personality and years of experience make this an act you don't want to miss!!!

Tiffany Johnson

Rapid City, SD

This girl is only 11 years old and she's full of talent!!! She has no problem being in front of people and is extremely entertaining on stage plus she plays guitar and sings great!  She was so easy to work with in the studio and had no problem with lots of cameras pointed at her.

Clarinet Madness

Rapid City, SD

Formed during the summer of '09, Clarinet Madness performs several concerts a year, featuring nine to eleven clarinetists and the occasional guest artist.  Our instrumentation consists of contra alto, bass clarinet, alto clarinet, 5-7 soprano Bb's, and soprano Eb.

Stay tuned...more to come!

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Haggerty’s business is dependent on the business of our local musicians. For years we have supported multiple events such as the Dahl’s Emerging Artists, school events, music camps, etc. as a way to say thanks to our customers.  Artist Spotlight is another step in this desire to give back!

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